You Can Teach Sunday School…

(but you likely don’t think you know enough)

There are a lot of jobs in the church that people don’t think they are qualified for…which gives them the “obvious” exemption from trying. The truth is, however, that most things aren’t that difficult…you’ve just never been given the tools to try them out. Teaching is likely at the top of that list.

The good news, however, is that the Sunday School materials we use are so easily laid out that you’ll do just fine! The lessons are clear, the activities are handy, very little preparation time is truly needed, and we team-teach to make schedules easier. We just need to be committed to teach each new generation the stories of Jesus and his Church to a new generation.

We all believe Christian Ed is important, so don’t be afraid to help: even if you’ve done so in years past. We’ll begin our Sunday School year the third week of September. Please give this your prayerful consideration and agree to team-teach a class this year. With two teachers you can set up any schedule for teaching you’d agree to. Speak with Cheryl Butler or Pastor Dan for more info, and keep our Sunday School teachers in your prayers for the new year ahead of us!


Sunday School starts Sept. 18!!