The Old Stone Church is a place of welcome and worship. The congregation works hard to accept every person who enters worship and our fellowship with welcoming arms.

As is typical in our Protestant denominations we observe two Sacraments: Baptism and Communion. a sacrament is a special action in the life of the church which we believe Jesus has instructed his followers to share in as a means of maintaining our faith and knowing God’s presence more fully. a sacrament is a means of aiding in our understanding of the nature of Jesus Christ.

The Sacrament of Communion was instituted on the night of the Passover (which for Christians has become Holy Thursday or Maundy Thursday). On that night jesus and his disciples participated in “the Last Supper” before his betrayal. Upon giving the bread and wine to his disciples Jesus told them these elements were his body and blood, and said “Whenever you do this, do this in remembrance of me.” Through this sacrament we participate in the actual Body and Blood of Jesus.

At the end of the Gospel of Matthew Jesus instructed his disciples to “go and baptize all nations” in his name. In the Sacrament of Baptism we believe we are intimately and forever incorporated into the Body of Christ on earth and enjoined to be a part of Christ’s Church.

In the Old Stone Church we believe these gifts have been freely given to the world without distinction of denomination. With that in mind both sacraments are openly shared with people of any age, whether a member of our church or denomination or any other. anyone who professes Jesus Christ as their Lord, believes in the Trinitarian nature of God, and wishes to follow scripture is welcome to participate and receive the sacraments. The waters of baptism are given in that same manner with people of any age: child or adult.

We feel our mission is to share in the Good News of Jesus Christ by communing and baptising in Christ’s name. In the same manner our pastor provides pre-marriage counseling and performs marriages for non-members int he hopes that they place Christ in the center of their lives and find a church home to raise their family in. We oversee funerals in that same manner: sharing the compassion and Good News of Christ and the Christian Church in the hopes that people may be moved to find a congregation and commit their lives to Christ.