“We are a group of ordinary, flawed individuals who believe that we can be better people by living a Christ-inspired life.”


Since the earliest days of meetings held in the homes of settlers in 1837 those words have described the underpinnings of the Old Stone Church: Standing firm on the foundation of faith and humility and serving the world in need, both member and non-member. We invite you into our long history as we write new pages into our history..


The formal name of our congregation, when formed, was the First Congregational Church of Pekatonika (as Rockton was known pe-1838).  Incorporated in 1838 the congregation and church have been central to the life of Rockton yesterday, today, and tomorrow. Today we are a part of the larger denomination, the United Church of Christ: a denomination known for serving our world without prejudice or shame. Since the structure was built in 1850 the congregation and building have always been lovingly known as “The Old Stone Church.”  


The congregation has always been forward-thinking as found in the 1846 formal proclamation against slavery.  It stated that discrimination and prejudice have no home within the walls of the church or Christian faith. Join us as we work tirelessly by the examples of Jesus.

Historical Tidbits #1 – Overview