Your Church is Only Strong With

Your Involvement


In large organizations and churches people can hide in the crowd and not get involved. However, in a small church you are missed and your participation is essential to keeping our church healthy and alive in ministries.

If you’ve been serving on committees, singing in the choir, ringing in the bell choir, or teaching Sunday School, thank you for your diligence and participation. If you haven’t served on a committee, sing, ring, or teach this may be your   opportunity to serve God and his Church in a manageable way.

If you are not too involved please know you can:

Help teach Sunday School…a commitment of an hour every other week (or two hours a month!). All of our classes team-teach for teacher flexibility. Materials are easily laid out each week.

You can sing in the choir…which currently looks at a commitment of an hour on the first Sunday of each month (although we hope for a new music director soon).

You can ring in the bell choir…which currently meets for 40 minutes after worship each week and performs in church every 6-weeks.

You can serve on a standing committee…which include the Church Council, Christian Education Committee, Diaconate, Building & Grounds, and Stewardship committees. Committee work can be drudgery, but there are everyday organization that needs to be done for any organization simply to survive…much less thrive!


The tendency is to just attend church when we feel like it rather than get involved in building the actual strength of the church. Push yourself to do more to help God’s church be more effective in your life and the life of our community!


Be involved in your church!