Ash Wednesday Service
   “The Stations of the Church” was the theme for our service on Ash Wednesday.  Those in attendance lit their individual candles by the light of Easter’s Christ Candle and made their way together to five locations/”stations” in our church building, including;
The Station of Gathering;
The Station of Giving Thanks for our Ancestors of Faith;
The Station of Gathering on the Journey of Life;
The Station of Communion;
The Station of Ashes.
     Candle light led the group through the darkened hallways of the church to pause and gather at every Station: each gathering opening with a verse of the hymn, “Be Still My Soul”.  At the final destination each person received the ashes upon their heads with the humbling words, “Remember you are dust, and to dust you shall return“: words to remind us that our lives will some day come to an end and we must choose to place our confidence in the Creator of the Universe.
Ash Wednesday Service, March 1, 2017